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The Counseling Center (TCC) wishes to expand into new locations more
rapidly than current finances allow.  Therefore, we have developed the
concept of a partnership type approach.  Any interested party (participant) may participate with us in this type of expansion.
The interested party is to pay the rent for at least one large group counseling room.  The space and building must be licensable by the State for the purpose.  TCC will handle the State license.  The licensing will be far easier since TCC currently holds many licenses, than it would be for a new licensee. 

The above room, plus a few chairs, file cabinet, TV, DVD, and possibly
a computer, will be this individual’s investment in the operation.  The Counseling Center will operate a satellite office in the space, similarly to its owned satellites and provide everything else needed.  The profits of this office will be split 50-50.

It is preferred (but not necessary) that the participant with TCC be an
experienced CADC, or equivalent, who TCC will pay as the satellite
counselor.  A bilingual counselor will be even more preferred (but
still not necessary).  Any participant without experience, but
interested in counseling will be offered to participate in TCC’s
counselor mentoring/training program.  The mentoring/training will be unpaid activities, and any formal course work at any one of many junior college’s, will involve payment to the college, by the trainee.
There will be a contractual agreement between TCC and the participating
TCC anticipates that these efforts will result in a steady lucrative
part-time position for a participating counselor, and in rare instances
a near full-time position.  A favorable aspect of this arrangement is
that the satellite office will assumed to be conveniently near the
participating counselor’s home, or other work location.  Any individual participating, whether or not doing the counseling, may consider investing in more than one satellite location.
With some interest, or some questions, please call Ron Baer at
815-245-8100, or send an email to tcc1@mindspring.com.