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Quick Fax Message... keeping you informed 7/17/02

Expanded Forensic Psychology Program
We are currently accepting referrals
for legal cases involving mental health issues, e.g.
Court ordered psychological evaluations, Sex offender evaluations
Risk assessments for violence, Comprehension of Miranda Rights
Court ordered counseling, Consultations on fitness to stand trial and insanity

The Forensic Program is staffed by seasoned forensic psychologists
with experience evaluating and treating forensic patients
on an inpatient and outpatient basis, as well as testifying in court.

Cubs Baseball
For sale for your personal use, my regular 4 seats, sec 124, row 1:
Phi 7/22 1:20 & 7/23 1:20, SD 8/1 1:20, Col 8/3 3:05, $128 per game

Sox Baseball....new for me
Be my guest trying their special remodeled seating in the Club Level; pick a game.
Better “at the seat” food service, air conditioned lounging area
exclusive Club Level restrooms and concessions, Skyline Bar viewing the Chicago skyline.
KC, Sun. 7/28, 1:05 — Seattle, Sat. 8/10, 12:15 — Tampa, Sun. 8/25, 1:05
Clev. Fri. 9/6, 7:05 — Clev, Sat, 9/7, 12:15

DUI First 10 hours-Level (1) In 4 evenings
Same week completion, (Helps esp with J.D.P in Lake Cty)
Either Lakemoor (Rte 120) or Crystal Lake Location, Fee $ 70.00

815 455 3400
20 years of DUI Services

Ron Baer, M.A.
Private voice/fax 815-477-7481 email tcc1@mindspring.com Pager 815 -767- 8147

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