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Quick Fax Message... keeping you informed May 19, 2003

Cubs vs Yankees Games
I’m selling Yankee seats for over-face-value thru the Cubs web site
But the price has dropped down to $399 a seat. If the price drops to
something more reasonable, I’d rather see a friend reading this fax buy them
If interested, please call Ron, or visit
www.chicagocubs.com and go to Tickets Exchange
Look for Aisle 124, Row 1

Our site is launched, please pay a visit. We’ll keep adding to it

Forensic Psychology Program
Risk Assessment for those Not guilty by Reason of Insanity
The Article by Dr. Kim is available now on web site,
it can also be faxed, mailed, or emailed if one of these options better suits your needs

Lakemoor Office on Route 120
Evaluations, and all DUI programs
Minimal, Moderate, Significant or High Risk

DUI First 10 hours-Level (1) In one week
Helps especially with J.D.P in Lake City,
Crystal Lake, or Lakemoor
All DUI Programs also available at either office

Our DUI Fees vs Nicasa in Lake County
Minimal $70 vs $175, Moderate $245 vs $488
Significant $495 vs $712, High $1095 vs $1747

815 455 3400
20 years of DUI Services

Ron Baer, M.A.

Private voice/fax 815-477-7481
email tcc1@mindspring.com
Pager 815 -767- 8147

Please note: this is not an unsolicited fax
Permission has been received from your office to send this newsletter fax, 1-2 per month but if in the future you do not find them useful, please let us know