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Quick Fax Message..keeping you informed... May 26, 2004

During the summer, we are discounting our Standard Fees 15% at all offices

Summer Fee Discounts start 6/1/04 and end 9/1/04

Certain rules apply, so please have your clients ask for the rules

 Standard Program Fees .... prior to discounts

All fees and program times are posted on our web site. We reserve the right to make changes without notice. Fees do not incl. aftercare, if recommended.


 Crystal Lake




 Lake Villa
























Newest office is Lake Villa


DUI First 10 Hours-Level (1), normally takes one week at all offices.


We greatly appreciate your referrals, and want to provide outstanding service


Cubs Tickets we share with our business friends

We now have full season tickets for 8 seats, but a huge demand took nearly all.

Busyness required everything to be done by email. If possible, send me an email to get on the list.


Forensic Psychological Testing

Dr. Ray S. Kim is State recognized to perform Sex offender evaluations.



Ron Baer, M.A.
21 Years of DUI Services

Private voice/fax 815-477-7481
email tcc1@mindspring.com
Pager 815 -767- 8147

Please note: this is not an unsolicited fax
Permission has been received from your office to send this newsletter fax, 1-2 per month but if in the future you do not find them useful, please let us know